Soulard François – Web agency manager

François, Web agency manager, has kindly agreed to answer our questions on how it uses our taking note app for iPadBeesy in his daily business.

Can you introduce yourself and your position in your company?

Identity : François Soulard
Profession : Web agency managerb.
Enterprise : Cube agency is a SMB, we create websites for our clients or other web agencies, or communication agencies.
Activity sector : Internet
Activity : I daily manage between 1 to 5 people and 6 to 10 projects. Therefore, I have between 3 and 5 meetings per week that are distributed as follows:
– 1 à 2 internal meetings with several participants (clients, prospective customers, project managerss)
– 1 à 2 individual meetings with one of my team member
– 1 à 2 external meetings for customers meetings, prospective etc.
– 1 à 2 team meeting to follow-up projects running

Use the app iPad Beesy at work : Web agency manager

For your job, wich features are important?

Precise note taking during meeting and track my tasks from my notes are features critical to my daily work. Managing my projects is a feature that is critical in my personal organization indeed, I manage many projects at the same time so it is important that I have a clear vision of this.
However, the meeting minutes and manageme client are useful features from time to time.

Could you describe your business workflow:

for taking notes and handling meeting minutes? I took my notes on my own and it only concerns me most of the time. Concerning the meeting minutes, I am slowly starting to use it (since two week), and it is true that the function is good but for the moment I do not use it regularly.
to manage tasks? Every day or almost I list into Beesy my new tasks to do. If a customer calls to discuss about a problem or a project, I list the tasks into and I use the duedate for the achievement of each task.
Every morning, I check on the dashboard my tasks and I organize my day according to priorities.
According periods Beesy helps me for 70-80% of my tasks.
to manage projects? Management very “dynamic” for my projects. We work on short projects, 3 to 6 months in general. Project management is fairly informal or via Agile Scrum.
to manage your clients? We meet our clients on average 2-3 times per project. Sometimes less if geographical distance is important. We organize regular calls and we send an e-mail recap with the main tasks to do. In the case of customers such wen or communication agency, it is them who write the meeting minutes of these projects.

Use the app iPad Beesy at work : Web agency manager

Given your business and/or your personal process, does Beesy make you…


more efficient for

Use the app iPad Beesy at work : Web agency manager

saving time for

Use the app iPad Beesy at work : Web agency manager

Could you explain how Beesy changed your way to manage your business activity?

I have no more piece of paper with for my todo list. I don’t spend time doing “list of what I have todo today / this week / soon / late” and then suddenly I win a lot of time!!

Use the app iPad Beesy at work : Web agency manager

Given your activity sector and job position, do you find Beesy:

Correctly priced


Which features should have Beesy to make you even more efficient?

– A handwritten note taking in small cartridges tasks / to do / person etc. Not an entire page, just a small single cartridge.
– Able to put the name of the folder or project in the default text “Make” for example “ABCD Project – Make”. Ideally can be a token system to manage the default texts.


You want to share your experience with us?

As François, you use Beesy to manage your daily business and you want to share it, contact-us..

Use the app iPad Beesy at work : Web agency manager

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