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Teamwork is one of the most effective means of achieving, in the medium and long term, the company’s objectives: more ideas, a synergy of the strengths and qualities of each individual, a division of tasks by competence…
If union is strength, group work is not always easy, but it is still necessary to have the right tools to federate and mobilize the energy of co-workers without straying from common objectives.

Why choose a collaborative solution to improve teamwork?

  • Share information more easily

  • Develop the team’s autonomy

  • Access information from any terminal and in a mobile situation

  • Optimize working time through real-time project management and monitoring

  • Improve performance by developing interactivity


How to share common goals and projects in my team

Teamwork – Tip #1

Create a collaborative workplace in Beesy

Creating a collaborative project or goal in Beesy brings all the people involved together and makes it easier to share information. Everyone has access to real-time data and everyone can participate in the progress of the project. At the end of each meeting, the actions, decisions, documents, diagrams, photos, etc. associated with the project will be integrated into Beesy, so that the whole team can easily find the project information.


The quality and transparency of the information reinforces the proximity of the project team and its environment.

It is also a good way to improve its reputation with its customers and to build customer loyalty: an improvement in the customer satisfaction rate is quickly measured when the customer can easily access reliable and up-to-date information on the progress of its project.

share information in the project to improve teamwork

Teamwork Tip #2

Share all information within the project

When the project or goal is shared between team members, each individual knows his or her scope of action and that of his or her colleagues. Everyone has all the information on the project to effectively progress on its actions.

The collaboration between the actors is more efficient and productive and the information is no longer disseminated in the mailboxes, it is shared and available at any time…

You can choose to share on different levels:

    Task Sharing : by delegating a task to a team member

Assign actions to your team members and share the attached context (subject, note, project).

     Collaborative notes for monitoring the action plans of a meeting 

Take notes in Collaborative mode to share your ideas, your tasks during a meeting. Only the note is shared.

   Collaboratives projects

Share all the information about a project with your teams or customers.
Your projects are updated in real time

   Collaborative objective to set up a specific organization for the team goal achievement

All projects and their actions linked to the goal will be shared. All projects created in a Shared goal are automatically shared

Sharing in Beesy provides contextualized workspaces where information is accessible to all members of the project (according to defined authorization levels). Communication becomes more transparent and open, and work progresses faster. All actors in a project can easily align themselves with their teammates and follow the collective progress of the action plan. Beesy thus enables autonomy to be developed: as each actor thus knows his area of responsibility, and is able to easily identify where or who could meet his needs to advance his objective.

A collaborative tool enables the storage, creation and updating of data to be managed, including for remote or mobile employees, so that everyone has the most up-to-date information on current actions.

Teamwork Tip #3

Update your action plans easily

Beesy allows you to update your action plans in a very simple way from your instant messengers such as Skype, Slack and especially Microsoft Teams, with Beesy’s Chatbot or directly on your Beesy application.

Simply update your action plans by chatting with your teams.

update your action plans with you team

Quickly Get Real Time Updates on Actions

Using our collaborative offer, members of your teams or the project will be able to update their actions
and automatically send you the update in real time.

  Receive automated updates 

Be notified of any updates automatically from Team users.

   Automated Reminder 

Automatically send daily, weekly, or monthly reminder notifications.
report on your projects

Teamwork Tip #4 

Report on your projects

As a manager, you need to follow the progress of the actions carried out by your co-workers. Therefore, you need to obtain consolidated views of your projects that gather all the decisions and actions defined during meetings, to identify the progress of these actions according to their priority or people in order to prepare possible individual points or team meetings.

To do this, use the Chatbot Beesy, its artificial intelligence is able to meet your needs, just ask it what you want. For example, as here, the reporting of a project, or the minutes of a meeting, the action plan of one of your collaborators… Once your request is made, Beesy will send you by email the report. You can even extract a summary to send by email for your weekly reports.

Teamwork Tip #5

Develop collaboration with innovative ways of working

  • Brainstorming: sometimes more effective than a traditional meeting, it allows everyone to share their ideas.

  • Collaborative boards: take a picture of the result and send it to Beesy by email so that she can find it and share it with the people involved in the right project.

innovative ways of working

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