Easily manage the progress of my action plans : impossible?

Do you spend a lot of energy managing your action plans?

  • File dozens of emails every day,
  • List the actions to be carried out in an excel file with endless lines,
  • Evaluate the progress of your projects

On top of all that, you have to attend often interminable synchronization meetings and let’s not be afraid of words, which are not productive. In short, you have no more time to waste.
With Beesy you will have a global vision of your entire activity to determine the progress of your project and identify risks.

A good organization necessarily involves a good management of tasks and therefore of priorities. This is why Beesy allows you to easily manage all your activity in a all-in-one tool. You will be able to create your action plans according to different types of action and classify them by project, date, owner.

Use Beesy to simply and efficiently manage your actions plan

1. Organize your activity

Set up your own priorities, set goals and list projects to achieve them.

For each strategic subject of your activity: create a goal.

Split your goal into different projects that can represent either the different steps or the different priorities to reach the goal.

For complex projects, define them as an GOAL, and set project iterations, creating several projects with different milestones.

create task with beesy AI

2.  Create and organize your action plan

Easily create tasks to be done to realize your goals

Organize your projects by creating your action plans: the actions to be carried out, the milestones to be achieved …

In your dashboard :

Create actions by writing the task to be performed in the text bar at the top of your Dashboard.

 You can then:

  • select the urgency and the importance of the task in question: for this you use the Eisenhower Matrix which allows you to view all your tasks sorted according to their degree of urgency and importance
  • choose the date
  • choose the owner of the action (either you or one of your Beesy contacts):useful for delegating tasks to your employees
  • select a project or put the action in your tasks: if the action is part of a particular project, just choose it from the list of your projects to link the task to it

Then click on “Add”!

In your Beesy Tabs :

Create actions by writing the task to be performed in the text bar at the top of your Dashboard.

You can create actions according to the type of action you want

Click in the action bar on any Beesy tab. You specify the type of task, useful for managing your To-Do list:

  • Task
  • Mail to send
  • Meeting to set up
  • document to write
  • Comment
  • Deadline in your activity

Describe the action.

You can also specify priority, owner and project.

create task with beesy AI

Or directly with you smart assistant

Wherever you are, on a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can ask your Beesy Intelligent Virtual Assistant to create tasks for you. You think of an action to delegate (or not) to one of your co-workers, important information or ideas to remember… just tell Beesy AI, from your instant messaging tools or even from your mailbox, to create the action, in the project you want.

Beesy AI will create the action at the right time, for the right person and associated with the right project if necessary.

3. Visualize and communicate the project’s progress with your team.

Manage your action plans with your customizable filters In your dashboard, you have a multitude of filters that allow you to carry out your personalized activity views.

delegate to co-workers

Action status or by kind of report filter

  • Open actions
  • Overdue Actions
  • Actions assign to you
  • Actions completed
  • All actions
  • Project report

Select the period you want to analyse:

  • Today
  • next 7 days,  +/- 7 Days
  • next 30 days ,+/- 30 days
  • a selected period

Filter by people, project or goals

You can also get the To-Do List of people to whom you have assigned actions or of all people at the same time. Ditto for Projects: you can choose to display only the actions of a particular project.

Display type

Finally, you have the possibility to choose the views, or the context you wan to display your actions plan such as:

  • Eisenhower’s matrix (urgent / important),
  • Project (actions list organized by project),
  • Note (actions list organized by meeting),
  • Action (actions list organized by type of action),
  • Priority(actions list organized by priority)

Beesy allows you to easily export your action plans summary, whether as a PDF report, by email, to an Excel file or to CSV.

Getting a action plans summary can be very useful during meetings, follow-up on individual points or simply to take stock of your action plan.

NB: If you don’t want some of your actions to appear in your reports, you can simply use the Private option to hide actions.

reporting adapted to your needs with beesy AI

4. Generate reporting adapted to your needs

Without a project management tool it is almost impossible to accurately track your project data. Moreover, building clear and precise reports is a terribly time-consuming but essential task. That’s why you can use Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence by asking his Chatbot to create custom reports on :

  • one of your projects
  • the action plan of one of your collaborators
  • your actions of the day, late, urgent, etc.
    the people you need to call…

With Beesy, you can use the filter functionality or alerts on very detailed data, so you’ll never miss a thing and have a synthetic view by subject of completed tasks, tasks in progress and overdue tasks! In just a few clicks, you will know the status of your project’s progress, and you will be able to quickly identify risks and alerts on your project.

Beesy’s Chatbot also allows you to get your action plan for the day to have a clear view of your day’s schedule.

Beesy offers a complete solution for managing individual or team action plans.

You collect your important information from all your professional exchanges easily with Beesy.

And Beesy structures the information to provide you with the views and reports suited to your needs.

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