How I got out of the hell of my daily To-Do list!

To make sure that my To-Do list doesn’t quickly turn into a never-ending shopping list, I’ve set up a few rules thanks to Beesy.

Start your day by organizing your activity to be as efficient as possible

1. Quickly Identify urgent and important actions

A good To-Do list does not look like an inventory.
When exchanging with our colleagues, partners or clients, the slightest of their requests is urgent.
This is potentially true or not! Without priority, nothing matters anymore and everything becomes urgent.
A well-done To-Do list is above all actions prioritized according to their degree of importance and urgency.

“What do I need to do quickly? Is this action important? What will happen if I don’t do it? What is the deadline for completing this or that task? ».
You will then be able to prioritize and know which ones you need to do first.

In Beesy, when you add an action, you define its importance through the Beesy color code:

  • Red: Urgent and important, actions that really need to be done!
  • Green: Important but non urgent, not the first thing to do in the morning but definitely in my weekly radar screen to anticipate
  • Yellow: Urgent but non important, to delegate if it is possible or to say no to
  • Grey: non urgent and non important, actions you can postpone with no impacts
to-do list beesy

2. Structure your actions according the duration

Control the length of his tasks

To be really efficient, it is important to understand the duration of your actions.

For exemple: “send a mail to “X”: 3 minutes”, “write a document “Z”: 25 minutes”… If you end up with one hour left before a meeting, it is then very easy to find the actions you have time to finish.


Define the type of action

In Beesy, when I add an action, I can set its type : email, call… That allows you to identify its duration. If an action is too long, I split it in several smaller actions. This method will help you not procrastinate when facing larger actions.


Your To-Do list keeps getting longer?

If your To-Do list keeps getting bigger, do not worry about the degree of urgency and importance of each action: bend the rules and do the quickest ones to start unpiling the list.

3. Work your To-Do list using the focus mode

Project view on Beesy

My power of concentration being different at every moment of the day, I work on urgent tasks in the morning right after my coffee, then I structure my day according to my current projects and their priority.

For this I use the project view on Beesy:

4. Regularly update your To-Do list

For your To-Do list to become a real working tool, it must be scalable. It is therefore advisable to devote a few minutes to it every day or every week, depending on your work rhythm. In order not to let important tasks slip away at the very end of my To-Do list, I update it regularly.

The management of the To-Do list also involves mobility in order to update your To-Do list at any time of the day, whether it is to close an action or to note a new task/decision. For this I use my Beesy iPhone app.

I can also manage my actions directly in my instant messenger with the Beesy ChatBot or in my emails by asking Beesy AI to give me my actions of the day/outdated/terminated/urgent actions, etc.

Also, isn’t it satisfying to tick off the tasks you do throughout the day?

Chatbot Beesy AI

5. Define your daily To-Do

The morning is a crucial moment in your day.

I see it as an impulse that sets the ” mood ” of the day… Everything is decided in the early hours of the day because it is the moment when the will is strongest.

Consulting your To-Do list every morning allows you to take stock of your progress and determine your priorities for the day to better manage your schedule. For this I consult :

  • Either my daily email sent by Beesy,
  • Either I ask my assistant Beesy via his Chatbot to give me my actions of the day, my outdated actions, next week’s schedule, and much more…
Chatbot Beesy AI

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