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Track a project progress with your team

Collaborative management is an important evolution in the way companies work and manage. This concept has already shown its benefits (more involvement, more efficient work…) for organizations. It is therefore important for companies to adapt to this new concept and to leave their comfort zone.

The follow-up of a project in a team can be difficult for a manager. Indeed, having a clear visibility on the challenges and objectives while efficiently following the project’s progress and being able to easily issue reports can seem complicated when you don’t have the right project monitoring solutions.

The Beesy tool will facilitate this monitoring of project progress by allowing you and your team to have a general vision of the project and thus to better manage the projects.

Beesy, the all-in-one solution to help you track the progress of your projects  

I no longer lose any information and I can efficiently manage my projects

I set up my project with clear challenges and objectives for the whole team

  • I create a shared project (or several) that I will share with my team members so that the information is complete for each of them.
  • I define decisions within this project to highlight the important elements of the project (e.g. the goal). I can also pin these decisions so that they are always visible as the project progresses.
  • I fix milestones that will define important deadlines throughout my project.
  • I set up tasks and distribute them to each of my collaborators, so everyone knows what they have to do.
Thus, I define precisely my objective and the tasks of each one, all centralized in one place so that everyone can find this information.

I bring my project to life with a single tool  

Now that my project is created, and the whole team has a clear understanding of what the challenges are and what everyone has to do, the project can begin.

  • My team manages the action plan in real time by closing, commenting in real time on the actions to be done and adding tasks progressively. For example, I can transform an email into a task for a collaborator or a conversation on Teams into a task.
  • During the course of the project, my team can also create risk tasks, to highlight problems encountered during the process and which will need to be discussed in a meeting to find appropriate solutions.


My team can also organize its activity by creating steering views specifically related to this project, in which it will be displayed:

  • My to-do for today
  • My overdue actions
  • My timeline of the week


After that, we can correctly follow the work of each one and the progress of the project without losing any information.

I manage my project by having a precise idea on the progress of each aspect of it

From now on, the follow-up of my project is efficient, all I have to do is report on the progress and adjust my action plan according to the information that Beesy gives me.

Prepare my steering committee

Using the principle of the dashboard mentioned in the project progress section, we can create a specific dashboard for the project management:

  • The risks identified by the team
  • Late tasks
  • The weather forecast of the different subjects of the project
  • The chronology of the decisions taken concerning my project
  • The progress of my collaborators
  • The milestones I have defined

Displaying the overdue tasks of my project will allow me, before the meeting, to contact collaborators who seem to have encountered difficulties on certain actions directly via the Beesy dashboard. 

Animate my project

During the meeting I make a quick round table with the help of the dashboard. For these progress meetings, I can also generate a meeting from a project. Finally, the risks identified by my team can be mentioned during our progress meetings. These two functionalities will allow me to be as efficient as possible during my meetings and to only deal with the important points.

I now have all the keys in hand to effectively monitor the progress of my project as a team, so there’s no reason not to succeed.
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Do you want to discover all the power of Beesy on collaborative project management?


Clearly defined challenges and objectives

Effective follow-up

Real-time information and progress in the same tool

Simplified management

Reporting adapted to your needs and automated